SW stands for "shrinking women." It is one of those secret fantasies that's rarely discussed publicly, sort of like bondage or domination but far less known, probably because it is not something that can be realized in reality. Mostly it's enjoyed through the imagination, on film or photos/drawings, via writing, or through roleplaying (typically with oversized clothes).

Basically, the fantasy centers around women being reduced in size. Everyone seems to have their own favorite height. Personally, I like around three inches, where they fit neatly in the palm but aren't so small you can't appreciate them. Others like them smaller, but the majority seem to enjoy seeing women at Barbie doll height. This allows them to be used in a variety of sexual ways I won't elaborate on here (it's part of the fantasy, and there's enough material out there you'll find out what I mean soon enough...I won't spoil it). Anyway, the point is, there's no specific size that seems to be favored. You may like a woman at a certain size, but in general a SW fan can appreciate a tiny lady at any height, simply for the fact that she's really small.

How is a woman shrunk? Well, there are any number of ways this can be accomplished. Fans of television and movies have seen this done plenty of times, from the old Dr. Shrinker show to a more recent episode of Charmed, and of course films like Honey I Shrunk the Kids and its sequels. It can be caused by shrink rays, strange radiation, magic spells or potions, collapsed space, teleportation gone awry, science experiments, alien abduction, or anything else you can think of. Some writers worry about the physics of being reduced in size (how to eat or breathe, for example), but most of the time this is glossed over. After all, if you can believe a woman can be six inches tall, the rest is gravy!

Many SW fans have their own special interests. A large number like to see a woman "shrinking out of her clothes," i.e., becoming smaller while her clothing remains normal sized. This leaves the tiny naked girl cowering in the folds of her dress (or whatever). Others, like myself, prefer to see the clothing reduced as well, leaving the walking doll with some measure of dignity. Some prefer specific types of women; virtually all of them are gorgeous babes, but not always. Japanese ladies are so frequently shrunk that they have their own fan base (a tiny Japanese woman is referred to as a "koonago"). Basically, it doesn't matter what your likes are, you'll find plenty of fans of tiny women out there, so many that you'll be amazed your tastes overlap.

Not all fans of SW are men. A large percentage of them turn out to be women who share this fantasy (generally, this involves being made small themselves, not necessarily shrinking other women). They even have their own web ring.

Most SW fantasies involve a woman being made small in some way and then captured by normal sized people, usually one or more men. Sometimes the men can be violent ("VSW") to their tiny prisoner, while other times they simply humiliate them (usually sexually). Occasionally they are kind and helpful (the proverbial "gentle giant"). Sometimes, a romance will develop.

The plot of a SW story typically involves any number of interactions with normal sized objects and people, which is part of the fun and excitement of this genre. The woman's reaction to being shrunk is usually fear, horror, or shock. (Sometimes they are excited about their new state, but this is unusual.) For some people, this reaction, and the usual begging to be returned to normal, is the exciting part. There are as many variations to these themes as you can possibly imagine, and more. Explore and enjoy!

The Psychology of SW

Psychologically, this fantasy is classified as "microphilia," which sounds like something you'd find on the surface of a protozoan or something. The term is not used all that often; normally you just hear of it as "SW." (There is another similar genre, that of the giantess or "GTS," also known as "macrophilia." There are at least as many GTS fans out there as SW fans, possibly more. And I won't go into shrinking men, which is something else entirely. If you lean that way, better head out of here now.)

A psychologist would tell you that a fantasy about shrinking women down to tiny size suggests some kind of subconscious hatred of women or a desire to dominate them. This may be true, I wouldn't know (I'm not a shrink...funny how they use that term, isn't it?). It's unfair to generalize in this way, of course, because not everyone has the same SW fantasy. While some would indeed enjoy humiliating a tiny woman in a variety of nasty ways, just as many would see a miniature girl  as something to be protected and taken care of, and would do anything they could to help one if they found one. Does that show a desire for domination? I doubt it.

It's really not fair to psychoanalyze a SW fan anyway. Shrinking is not something that can happen in real life (or at least, we don't think it can...). So if you and your significant other want to imagine what you could do if one or the other, or both, were a different size, go for it. Dr. Ruth would probably say it was a healthy thing to do. (Come to think of it, she's pretty short...I wonder if she's had a shrinking experience of her own? Naaaahh...)


There are a couple of abbreviations you should be familiar with that are generally associated with pictures, images or drawings.

Gender Abbreviations: If you see these associated with a pic, a capital M or F indicates a larger size, while lowercase represents smallness. For example, "M/f" refers to giant man/small woman, while "F/f" is giant woman/small woman, and so on. This lets those who have a preference look at the pics they want to see, and avoid those that aren't of interest, especially when using slow modems to download large pics.

SWAA ratings: The Shrunken Woman Audience Association has provided a series of ratings used to let potential viewers know what to expect from any kind of media. These ratings are:


1/12 scale: This means that the woman is one-twelfth of her normal height, so one inch equals one foot. (For example,a five-foot gal is now five inches). This is the scale used in many dollhouses, and was the scale used by Jonathan Swift in "Gulliver's Travels."

Collage: An image containing a shrunken woman, usually among giant sized objects or people. These are usually created using a variety of photo-manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Doll-Sized: 8-12 inches or so, a size where your SW could comfortably wear Barbie clothes.

Dr. Thorkel: Evil scientist in the classic movie "Dr. Cyclops" who was obsessed with shrinking people and other living things. The title of the film refers to the fact that he wore thick glasses, one side of which was damaged, thus giving him only one good eye.

Femlin: This was a tiny creature that showed up in Playboy magazine many years ago. She walked around naked except for thigh boots, and doubtless awakened latent SW fantasies in plenty of readers.

Forum: A web site where fans can post messages, stories and images related to their favorite SW topic. These range from the general (Shrinking Women Forum) to more specific interests (Violent Shrinking Women). Some (like the POV forum) also appeal to other fantasy interests such as age regression and breast enlargement.

About 5 or 6 inches, the length of a hand.

Handheld: A picture or image of a tiny woman being held in a giant hand.

Interaction: Generally used in reference to TV or film, this refers to on-screen interaction between giant and tiny people. For example, in 7th Voyage of Sinbad, when the princess climbs out of Sinbad's hand, that's interaction. Just having her standing around giant objects (e.g., in the same film, when she walks around the dinner plate and kicks the grape) is not. Usually, interaction is rare, because it's so difficult to pull off properly, as one or the other characters tend to look fake.

Koonago: A shrunken Japanese woman.

KP: Kiddie porn, something that does NOT apply to SW. Although women in this fantasy may be reduced to the size of children, they are NOT children at all. They remain the same age and with the same appearance, only smaller! (Note: KP is something of a sore subject...potential writers and artists are urged to avoid this at all costs.)

Micro: Describes the state of being shrunk so small you can only barely be seen (or can't be seen at all). Not necessarily microscopic, but damn small (think of the original "Honey I Shrunk the Kids").

Mini: An SW who is between 2-4 feet in height. Many people who prefer minis enjoy seeing the woman spanked, forced to dress as a child, or wear diapers. This is NOT a form of pedophilia (child sexual abuse) but rather a variation of the extremely adult-oriented BDSM fetish called "adult baby" (AB for short). They enjoy the humiliation of the grown-up woman as she is treated like the child whose size she bears. (Note: For several classic, and often quite sexy, stories featuring larger SWs, try visiting the Little Ladies site.)

Pic: Any image or photo.

Poser: This is a computer program that can render people in a variety of poses (hence the name). It has been embraced by SW fans as a way to generate realistic SW situations using a home computer. While the images are not of the resolution of, say, the Final Fantasy movie (yeah, good luck), they are as good or better than much of the standard hand-drawn art out there.

POV: Point of View. This is a general term referring to people or objects seen from a different perspective, e.g., the very small or very large.

Princess Parisa: Probably the most famous SW of all time, though most people don't know her by name. This is the hottie who was shrunk to about an inch tall by the lamp-obsessed wizard in "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" (as far as I'm concerned, this is the best SW movie ever). The coolest thing about this character is that she doesn't just cower in fear during the whole film, but is quite courageous and very helpful on several occasions...a far cry from the typical "heroine" in most movies made during that era. Too bad we didn't get to see any other part of her shrinking except her arm, but even that scene was very well done.

Also, Princess Parisa is the online name (handle) of an excellent writer who has penned several works, including the classic SW tale "The More Things Change" (go here to read it).

Shrink Ray: Any beam or ray that causes its targets to shrink.

Shrinkable: A woman someone wants to see shrunk, usually from a picture someone wants made into a collage.

Thumb-Sized: 2 or so inches tall, about the size of a thumb.